Why Support KiDiMu?

There is nothing more gratifying than providing support
when and where you can watch it go to work!

See it in the eyes of the children it helps, view it in the faces of their siblings and parents, and feel it in your own home town where the warmth of the community can shine in the form of scholarships and no-cost memberships to those in need.

Perhaps Bainbridge Island resident and foster mom,
Kendra Fields, said it best:

“I love being able to have our kids and foster kids of varying ages experience the unique play and programs at KiDiMu; it has been amazing!
It really helps us to feel like we are part of this wonderful community.”

Kids Discovery Museum is “structured for success.” The community built the foundation for discovery and put in place the framework for our future. We ask for your support so that we can continue to:

  • Provide free passes to families in need
  • Invite all Head Start preschool kids to attend the Museum free of charge
  • Provide free memberships to Foster Families
  • Offer scholarships to summer camps, fee-based classes and field trips
  • Provide hands-on exhibits and free enrichment programs for all visiting families

Admission fees and memberships only cover about 35 percent of our operating expenses. We depend on the generosity of individuals like you to keep the Museum doors open. The simple reality is that KiDiMu cannot “grow up” without you! Please make a contribution today to help keep KiDiMu strong!



To learn more, please contact Susie Burdick or Corinne Wolffe at 206.855.4650, or susie@kidimu.org or corinne@kidimu.org.

Kids Discovery Museum is a tax-exempt, nonprofit 501(c)(3)organization.
Your generous donation to the Museum is deductible for the current tax year
to the extent permitted by law.
Consult your financial adviser for specific tax guidance.