Outdoor Play


Travel the Seven Seas or just around the Puget Sound, as you jump on the Ferry Boat moored at the KiDiMu’s backyard “dock.”* Bring your lunch to the Museum and have a picnic with your friends at the outdoor table.

Hungry for more?
Chalk wall, water tables and bubbles await the brave KiDiMu Explorers who dare to “take the matter into their own hands”

Done with the sun?
Here’s a “souvenir” – the not-so-secret KiDiMu’s “recipe for success” with… bubbles!
Try it out at home for extended KiDiMu fun and experimentation.

In a bowl or a shallow dish combine the following:
6 cups of water
3/4 cups of light corn syrup
2 cups of dishwashing liquid
Stir the mixture gently or – even better – prepare it ahead of time.

The calmer “the waters” the better the bubbles
For bubbles that form big and last longer – stir the ingredients gently not to cause foam.

Cloudy with a chance of bubbles
If you’re playing outside, try bubbles on a cloudy day –
they will work better as the moisture in the air will help them last longer.

Turn your bubble play into a science experiment
Compare your bubble-making on a sunny day and a cloudy day; make observations and compare results.
Use different household objects to create bubbles of different shapes and sizes –
try slotted spoons, sifters etc. Come up with or invent your own “bubble-makers.”

Fun at your fingertips
Done blowing bubbles? Get down to “bubble business” and try out the foaming qualities of your solution!
It won’t make good bubbles in the air but the cool foam offers a great sensory experience; use cups and spoons to experiment some more. Mix in food coloring and check out the results.

The Outdoor Play Space is open till 4:30 p.m. on non-rainy Mondays and Wednesdays, and till 3 p.m on other non-rainy days of the week during summer.

*The Ferry Boat has been generously donated by a local Boy Scout Troop.