Science and Literacy Hall

Pete Salutos' GranddaughterLET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

Aspiring scientists and engineers, discover velocity, gravity, acceleration and friction in the ups and downs, ins and outs of playful experimentation with golf balls in the Motion Madness, Fun with Physics installation and discover the magic of magnets and gears while manipulating the Magnet Wall!
Several of the exhibits’ activities are inspired by centuries-old experiments conducted by Newton and Galileo to study objects in motion.

Here, you can truly focus on science! Are you ready for all those “WOW!” moments, as you explore fascinating micro mysteries? From rocks, bugs and plants to circuit boards, DISCOVERY videomicroscope with its powerful technology reveals an amazing new world at your fingertips.

Feeling creative? Get your hands on the Light Wall to create a bright design with giant and colorful pegs. Spell your name or an abstract masterpiece. Your imagination is the limit!

Young explorers and their grown-ups will also have a chance to enjoy make-believe play and practice early reading literacy as they explore the Imagination Station, complete with a train table, puppet theater, soapbox derby race car, books and puzzles.

NEW! Big Blue Blocks
Try your hand at engineering for all ages! Be one of the first to build and experiment with giant Blue Blocks by Imagination Playground. Test your ideas, problem-solve and learn that trial and error leads to success. The Museum was awarded the exhibit as part of the contest held by Imagination Playground – the blocks’ manufacturer dedicated to promoting open-ended play and loose-part playground concept.

Enjoy a friendly family competition of the “Hit the Bucket” game to test hand-eye coordination. Practice math while keeping score. Who will get the “Eagle Eye” title in your family this week?

The Science and Literacy Hall exhibits challenge skill and judgment through scientific experimentation and support emerging literacy skills. They help children build creative problem-solving and critical thinking competence, as well as practice motor and social skills. Motion Madness and Magnet Wall are recommended for ages: 1 – 102! Imagination Station is recommended for ages: 1 and up. Light Wall is recommended for ages: 8 months and up.

The Science and Literacy Hall Exhibits Were Made Possible Thanks to the Generous Support of:
ACE Hardware
Diane Crowder & Family
Sean Megy