Creative Corner: Fun with Junk

STEM often meets art in KiDiMu's Art Studio.

STEM often meets art in KiDiMu’s Art Room…

Turn your trash into treasures at home with one of KiDiMu’s favorite art projects… It will also encourage your child to get creative and help him or her practice problem solving and critical thinking skills!


What You Will Need:
Found Objects and/or Random Materials from Your Recycling Bin:
Cups, Boxes, Toilet Paper Rolls, Twist-Ties, Bottle Caps, Lids, Old Magazines etc…
Scotch and/or Masking Tape
Optional: Googly Eyes or Stickers, Other Fun Stickers or Shapes

Get Creative!
1. Prepare your working space. Use old newspapers to protect the surface. Lay out all the materials you would like your child to use. Discuss where the materials came from and what were they used for before. Depending on your child’s age – you might want to introduce the concept of “recycling” into her or his vocabulary.

2. Encourage your child to use his or her imagination to create something new out of used materials. Have your child decide on what to build and be the “project manager.” Ask open-ended questions (What can we make? How can we do it?) rather than offer a solution. Have your child think of a plan and implement it but allow for adjustments and experimentation.

3. Have fun with your junk! You will be surprised at the creative inventions!
You might want to set up a special “Fun with Junk” bin in your child’s room to get her or him inspired for the next creative adventure.

The Fun with Junk project – our visitors’ favorite – is often featured in KiDiMu’s Art Room when the Museum is open to the public.