Creative Corner: DIY Rain Clouds

Create your own rain clouds indoors for at-home STEM fun!

DIY Rain Clouds

What You Will Need:
Blue Food Coloring
Large Clear Jar
Shaving Cream
Optional: Pipettes or droppers & a small container of water

How to Make Your Rain Clouds:
1. Prepare your working space. Fill your large, clear jar 3/4 of the way full. If using pipettes or droppers, fill a small cup of water with blue food coloring. Just before you start the experiment, add shaving cream to the large, clear jar – just above the top.

2. Have your child use the blue food coloring or pipette to squirt the blue “rain” onto the shaving cream. Repeat this step several times but be sure to pay attention to what is happening below the shaving cream “cloud”! The food coloring will begin to seep through the shaving cream and into the water, just like rain!

How Does it Work?
The shaving cream represents the clouds, the food coloring represents water, and the water in the jar represents the air. The colored “water” (the blue food coloring) saturates the “cloud” (the shaving cream) so it rains into the jar just like how real rain falls into the “air” (water in the jar)!