Awards for KiDiMu

The Museum gets recognized for the resources it offers to the region’s families AND for its commitment to diversity…

In July, Kids Discovery Museum was selected by Puget Sound families as a WINNER in ParentMap’s 2018 Golden Teddy Awards in the Rainy-Day Refuge category, AND a Finalist in the Kid-Friendly Museum category. Learn more…>>

This prestigious contest organized by a popular parenting magazine gathered over 32,000 votes. KiDiMu was identified as one of top family resources and is grateful for all the votes from its supporters.

Earlier this year, the Museum was also named Vadis’ 2017 Employer of the Year in Kitsap County by Vadis .

“Vadis named KiDiMu a 2017 Employer of the Year because of their dedication to workforce diversity, community connection and most importantly, their unwavering belief in everyone’s abilities. These attributes do not lie solely within their leadership, but rather are a fundamental part of the culture throughout their entire organization. They value their community and everyone in it,” said Deanna Wentz, Vice President of Development at Vadis.

In 2012, in partnership with Bainbridge Island School District, Vadis, and with the support from Bainbridge Community Foundation, the Museum was able to hire its first part-time supported employee, Julian, as Museum Services Assistant to help with data entry and project prep under the supervision of his job coach. Over the years, KiDiMu has also welcomed several young adults as short-term supported employees and volunteers through its collaboration with Vadis and Island Time Activities. One of them, Michaela, joined the staff in January to help with cleanup on Wednesdays.

Julian usually works on the computer breaking into a song every now and then to add some cheer to his colleagues’ office routine. Michaela enjoys seeing children play as she helps provide clean and safe spaces for the visitors and earns her own “pizza money.” Both work part-time and are guided by an experienced job coach.

KiDiMu’s leadership team has collaborated with Vadis to ensure the success of the supported employment program. Museum staff has been assisting with development of job tasks, helping with clocking in and out, and with transportation issues as they arise.

Last spring, the management of Vadis joined KiDiMu staff, including Julian and Michaela, and their job coach from Vadis, for a small celebration to present the award at the Museum.

“We are truly humbled by the accolades and honored to be perceived as a valuable and inclusive community resource where all can find opportunities and experiences to fulfill their potential,” said KiDiMu’s executive director Susie Burdick. “The awards are a welcome reminder and encouragement for KiDiMu to continue to grow stronger in our dedication to opening young minds.”