KiDiMu in the Community

Learning opportunities expand beyond the Museum walls…

As a member of a vibrant, connected and giving community, KiDiMu offers volunteer service projects for families with young children.

This year’s program, made possible thanks to the generous support from Puget Sound Energy, includes three events presented in partnership with Helpline House, Sustainable Bainbridge, Bainbridge Senior Living and Bainbridge Chorale.

In June, KiDiMu kids and their families joined in a day of giving back to sort food at the local food bank. Eager volunteers learned about Helpline House‘s “Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation” campaign and then lent a hand to prep snack bags for the summer lunch and snack program. Children also got to practice small motor skills while packing toilet paper rolls for neighbors in need. As a result, all the bags got packed and cans sorted thanks to two hard-working volunteer crews!

For the finale of their volunteering adventure, families toured the food bank and learned about other services from Helpline House’s executive director Maria Metzler. See more photos from the event…>>

After the program, one of the families shared:

“When visiting grandma later that weekend, our son (4) was excited to tell her – unprompted – all about his volunteer experience. He described how he and his parents had packed snacks in bags for people who didn’t have enough food. It was joyful to see how proud he was that he had been able to help as part of a collective effort.

In addition, KiDiMu collected non-perishable food donations for the “Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation” campaign in the lobby to further support Helpline’s work and extend learning. Several bags and boxes of kid-friendly breakfasts, quick lunches and snacks donated by staff and visitors were delivered to Helpline House for local children in need. Read about the event in the Bainbridge Review.

“There are many known benefits of service learning, from fostering empathy to community-building, yet such opportunities are not always easy to come by for families with young children,” said the Museum’s executive director Susie Burdick. KiDiMu in the Community strives to fill this gap and engage early learners and their families in meaningful experiences. The assignments are carefully designed to be developmentally appropriate and a positive encounter for even the youngest participants.”

The program is offered at no cost to families and was originally developed in 2017 with the support from the Bainbridge Community Foundation. In 2018, Puget Sound Energy has partnered with the the Museum to present the following three KiDiMu in the Community events:

  • Helping at the Helpline House (June)
  • Family Beach Cleanup (September)
  • Family Caroling (December 22) – Learn more & sign up…>>

Thanks to Program Sponsor: