Empower Children through Play

Through enrichment programs and exhibits KiDiMu kids are inspired to take charge of their learning.

Through enrichment programs and exhibits KiDiMu kids are inspired to take charge of their learning.

Support YOUR Museum to fund all the “Aha!” and “I did it!” moments, and inspire a lifelong journey of learning with confidence.

Kids Discovery Museum or KiDiMu, as its pint-sized visitors prefer to call it, is a museum of the “please touch” variety and such exclamations have been a daily routine at KiDiMu since the beginning. Here, even the youngest children take charge of their learning and engage adults to follow their lead.

“As Professor Karen Hutchison of Rowan University says, “Play is actually the work of a child in which they are preparing themselves for adult roles and for society at large.Through self-directed play, children (…) develop key skills that serve as a foundation for life-long success, including critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and collaboration. ” (The Power of Play, Boston Children’s Museum)

KiDiMu was founded over a decade ago by dedicated volunteers who recognized our region’s critical need for a resource to help promote school readiness, the Museum brought the community together to address the early learning gap. A decade later, with approximately 32,000 annual visitors, KiDiMu remains the only children’s museum on the Kitsap Peninsula to offer exhibit play, art and curriculum-based activities.

Admission fees and memberships only cover about 35 percent of KiDiMu’s operating expenses.
We depend on the generosity of families and businesses like YOURS to keep the Museum doors open and provide educational programming and outreach to your children and their friends in our community and the Puget Sound region.


  • believe in making early learning opportunities available to all children,
  • have enjoyed the educational exhibits and weekly scientific, and cultural programming,
  • value the Museum as a community resource that brings families together,

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