Featured Exhibits: Blue Blocks & Totally TOT

Try your hand at engineering and find a calm oasis for the little ones…

The “Big Blue Blocks” exhibit has been added to the “Science and Literacy Hall” on the second floor, where exhibits and activities encourage young explorers to test their ideas, problem-solve and learn that trial and error leads to success. The Museum was awarded the exhibit as part of the contest held by Imagination Playground – the blocks’ manufacturer and proponent of open-ended play stemming from the loose-part playground concept.

In November, the Museum also premiered the reimagined “Totally TOT” space, a Waldorf-inspired calm oasis designed for children birth – 30 months to connect with their peers and caregivers and enjoy activities supporting social-emotional development.

In the “Totally TOT” exhibit, visitors can discover a cozy spot filled with engaging toys and books, and padded flooring. It is the perfect area for the youngest KiDiMu explorers to practice crawling, standing, and taking first steps. This Waldorf-inspired space, featuring natural materials and manipulatives, is a safe and cozy getaway for parents with their toddlers or babies, and for breastfeeding moms.

KicKee Pants, the local company with national presence, famous for its signature bamboo fabrics, whimsical prints and responsible practices, has recently joined forces with KiDiMu to not only offer its popular merchandise at the Museum Store (with parts of the proceeds benefiting the museum), but also help redesign and fund the Totally TOT exhibit space.

“At KicKee Pants, celebrating the innocence of childhood is one of our core values. We were very excited, therefore, when the opportunity arose for us to create a space in a children’s museum that could do exactly that, said the company’s founder Aerin Nicole. “With the KidiMu “Totally TOT” room, our goal was to create a space that would be welcoming and inviting for the little ones and families that use it. We believe that museums like KiDiMu are extremely important as they allow children to grow and explore, unhindered by strict rules about touching and interacting with items that are required at most museums. A space like KiDiMu honors children in exactly as they are, creating opportunities for them to explore their surroundings, at their level, and learn about their own interests through productive play. We feel fortunate to have been able to participate in some small way in supporting the museum and hope that all who use it enjoy the space,” she added.

“Totally TOT” provides a relationship-centered and open-ended environment that promotes early literacy, math and inspires young children to practice gross and fine motor skills, as well as social interactions.

“Kids Discovery Museum is extremely grateful to Imagination Playground and KicKee Pants for their generous gifts.

We are thrilled to be able to share the “Big Blue Blocks” with our young explorers and their families, and can’t wait to see all the creations they will come up with. We are also excited to offer a cozy spot to our youngest explorers where, even at a very young age, they can feel safe to explore and take charge of their learning.

Both – the blocks’ and the “Totally TOT” space design offer an opportunity for child-initiated free play – key to a happy and healthy childhood, and to our mission,” said the museum’s executive director Susie Burdick.

The exhibits are available during the museum’s regular hours and are included with admission.