On Wednesday, May 10, support KiDiMu through The Seattle Foundation and make your donation “grow!”. All contributions – big AND small – made through the foundation’s website on this one-day giving event will be increased by the “stretch” pool fund provided thanks to the generosity of community-minded sponsors.

All contributions make a difference and will help boost early learning opportunities!

$ 5 will send one under-served student on a field trip,
$ 16 will allow one child in need and a caregiver to explore KiDiMu for a day,
$ 25 will provide electricity and power learning fun at KiDiMu for two days,
$ 50 will provide art supplies for a week and nurture creativity,
$ 75 will help KiDiMu offer an enrichment program and inspire the love of learning,
$ 100 will send a Head Start class to make discoveries at the Museum,
$ 165 will sponsor a camp scholarship and help prevent summer learning gap,
$ ___ will help change a child’s life.

Learn more and schedule your donation by visiting The Seattle Foundation’s website.


How will your donation to the GiveBIG help KiDiMu kids?
At the Museum, we welcome families to explore and learn through interactive play. Research proves that play is indispensable to young children’s healthy development as it helps them acquire essential life skills and build a foundation for future academic success.

As donors through GiveBIG, you will help provide access through regular free and reduced admissions, Foster Family memberships, and scholarships to young learners in need, so that each child has a chance to play AND have a healthy, happy childhood.

Thanks for playing your part to make this happen!