What’s in Store?

Find ItFIND YOUR TREASURE… FIND IT! Looking for the perfect gift or souvenir? Check out
Museum Store’s Staff pick and discover the fun, sneaky-learning game to take on your travels or a waiting room…

This all-in-one toy – inspired by the classic “I Spy” game – represents KiDiMu’s mission quite accurately because of its interactive features sure to engage kids of all ages (yes, even babies!) and kids at heart.

Children will be able to expand their problem solving capabilities by trying to find fun toys hidden inside a plastic cylinder. Parents will be happy not to find and stumble upon loose parts scattered all over the floor.

Players have to twist, turn, and shake the cylinder to uncover a number of different items. Either on a plane or in the car, Find It! will keep a child happy and entertained while at the same time sharpening his or her observation skills and expanding vocabulary. Possibilities for play are endless – whether you use the official rules or make up your own.

This toy is made locally in Washington and has been tested by the Museum staff’s children (toddlers) keeping them mesmerized and excited to learn colors, words and discover tiny animals and objects inside.

Did you know? Proceeds from your Museum Gift Store purchase help support KiDiMu’s mission and members always enjoy 10 percent OFF!