What’s Your Story?

BE A PART OF KiDiMu’s HISTORY! We are gathering memories and pictures that tell the KiDiMu story. Meet one of our most dedicated volunteers and learn how to become one, too…

KiDiMu would not be what it is today without the support of many amazing volunteers.
Jean York is one of them and a true star at that!

She joined the Exhibits Committee when KiDiMu was just a dream of a group of local volunteers. This was in 2002 (!) and Jean has been with KiDiMu ever since, always ready to land a helping hand as needed – from reading to children and sewing, to working on art projects and fundraisers. She even created a part of the Rain Forest exhibit in KiDiMu’s original location!

When asked about her secret talent, Jean said she didn’t have one (KiDiMu: not true!), but loved interacting with children, playing and having fun. “I guess I am a kid at heart,” she added.

Jean is a retired teacher who moved to Bainbridge Island in 2001 to be near her daughter’s family. Her first grandchild, Emma, was a little over a year! A few years later her brother, Grantham, came along. Jean also has two grandchildren, Ellen and Tyler, who live in Japan, but come to visit grandma and KiDiMu. “They too have seen it grow and were thrilled to tour the new museum a couple summers ago,” she said.

Favorite KiDiMu Memory
“It has to be the first day we opened in the Packard building. It took a few years to get to that point, but it was thrilling to see the kids’ reactions and the parents’ too! We all worked so hard — painting, constructing, and organizing the space for that very special day.”

About Volunteering at KiDiMu
“I volunteer because I love children; it is a very happy place to be and it sure makes me feel good!”

Interested in volunteering at KiDiMu? Click here to learn more or contact Lisa at Lisap@kidimu.org.