What’s Your Story?


BE A PART OF KiDiMu’s HISTORY! In honor of the Museum’s 10th birthday, we are gathering memories and pictures from the last decade of play. Hear from the Hennessy Family…

The local family of four loves to hang out in the sun by the pool or at KiDiMu…

The mom reports: “It happened a few months ago. I took the girls to play at KiDiMu and after a full FOUR HOURS, when I dragged them out of there, they were still wanting more!”

When asked about their favorite thing to do at the Museum, Scarlett (6) and Lola (4) said they loved everything. “I love like 24 things. I love the tree house slide, the store, the doctor’s office,” Scarlett added. The mom confirmed that the tree house is both girls’ absolute favorite.

“My favorite thing about KiDiMu as the mom is how entertained they are and the fact that they play with a mix of kids that we usually don’t know. We don’t live in a typical neighborhood with kids, so I appreciate when the girls get to come up with imaginative games with a mix of kids: old, young, boys, girls… That is really healthy for them. I love watching them and having a moment of peace.”

Lola and Scarlett are creative KiDiMu explorers. They enjoyed making art at summer camps and Scarlett also helped artist Pierr Morgan decorate one of the Frogs on the Rock sculptures.

Share your own KiDiMu story! Sign our special anniversary memory book while at the Museum or send an email to km@kidimu.org. We hope to hear from you!