Volunteer Vibes: David Webb

KiDiMu would not be what it is today without the support of many amazing volunteers.
As a matter of fact, there would be no Tuesday Tunes at all if it weren’t for the wonderful David Webb!

Tuesday Tunes Rock“IT IS WHAT I DO”
Every Tuesday David arrives at KiDiMu with a guitar in his hand and a song in his heart. He perches at the end of the ferryboat exhibit and delights visitors with such favorites as Puff the Magic Dragon and This Old Man. Children and parents alike just have to sing along. And dance a bit, too.

David has been entertaining children for over 45 years. It all started when his own daughters were in elementary school and he was invited into their classrooms to perform. Before long he was singing for the entire school and then for several schools, and then for several schools in several states. Sing Along Alive was born.

During the early ‘80s David Webb performed Sing Along Alive over 1200 times for elementary schools in 23 states! His daughters are all grown now – as are his six grandchildren – but David is still singing. In addition to Tuesday Tunes at KiDiMu, he can be heard at the Island Music Center, The Boys and Girls Club, The Wyatt House, Seabold Methodist Church and across the island, as part of the Community Singers. The island is alive with the sound of David’s music, and the islanders – all the happier for it! HEAR THE MUSIC.

Recently, Mr. Webb helped KiDiMu’s guests celebrate with music during KiDiMu’s Second Annual Birthday Bash.

About Volunteering at KiDiMu
“I helped paint and carpet the first KiDiMu, so I have been with the Museum right from the start. I love it.
The children and the music keep me young. I can’t imagine not performing. It is who I am. It is what I do.”

Interested in volunteering at KiDiMu? Click here to learn more or contact Lisa at Lisap@kidimu.org.