TEAM KiDiMu: Meet Gabe

At KiDiMu, we believe in the “play to work” approach.
Learn about the KiDiMu crew that makes the day-to-day fun happen…

Gabriel Carbajal, Education Coordinator
(2009 through February 28, 2013)

“It’s a challenge to keep KiDiMu’s calendar fresh and filled with learning opportunities…and I love it! I get to create enrichment curricula and programs that encourage kids to explore and learn. I love when they make new discoveries right in front of my eyes.”

Gabe’s Super Powers
Gabe is a man on the move. At any given time can be found greeting guests at the front desk, leading summer camps, running the Kids’ Night at the Museum program or coming up with cool activities to wow visitors.

He has been with KiDiMu since 2009. He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Politics from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, as well as a degree in Education from the California State University in Bakersfield. He is a credentialed K-6 instructor and has extensive experience working with children as a child and family behavioral therapist, preschool teacher, acting coach, and AmeriCorps member.

Fun at Work
Gabe’s two favorite KiDiMu spots are the outdoor space and the construction zone. “I love our outdoor space and all of its potential. Everyday I get thinking about what we can add down the road so it keeps getting better and better.” As for the construction zone, “I love telling kids the “sand” is made from recycled tires. They think that’s wild.”

After-work Fun
Even when Gabe is not at KiDiMu, he is still on the go. He teaches math and “How to Write a Children’s Play” at West Sound Academy. In addition, his passion for acting has him volunteering as a program director at the Jewel Box Theater in Poulsbo. And, as if that weren’t enough, keep an eye out for productions by the Bainbridge Island Storymakers Studio: A Theater for Youth Audiences. That’s one of Gabe’s endeavors, too… Go Gabe!

If you like what Gabe does at KiDiMu (as we do), give him a thumbs-up!