Member Moment: The Henderson Family

KiDiMu is grateful for all the wonderful Members who help keep it strong!
Hear from a Bainbridge Island family of five, who has contributed immensely to the Museum in the five years of membership.

Jessica and Craden Henderson frequent KiDiMu with their daughters, five-year-old Piper and seven-year-old Sky and son, three-year-old Tallis. The kids love blowing bubbles in the outdoor space and creating masterpieces in the art room. They also love visiting the Museum after hours with their dad who helped build the new KiDiMu and now volunteers his time and expertise to assist the staff with the maintenance of the building and all the fun exhibits inside. They are an adventurous bunch and, when not in the Museum, you can spot them hiking or biking around town.

These lovely smiles can be spotted around the Museum quite often.

About the KiDiMu Experience
“My kids love coming here. My daughters have been to every Kids’ Night at the Museum. It’s a fun time for them to be with their friends. And not having mom and dad around helps them develop more confidence and a sense of independence,” the busy dad says.

About Being a Member
Turning their visits into a membership was a natural step for the family that values a sense of community. Craden says: “One of the things that attracted us to KiDiMu was its outreach program which allows access to the Museum for anyone who can’t afford it. That commitment is incredibly important, given the opportunities that KiDiMu provides.

It is a great place for kids to go when it is cold or wet outside. They can play in a space that is bright and educational and safe. All children should have access to the Museum, and they do – which is good for the Museum, the families and the community.

Craden is a superhero in disguise, known for rallying friends to help KiDiMu or other local organizations.

Memorable KiDiMu Moment
“My favorite memory is from before the Museum was even open, when we were trying to install the tree house. The base is made out of a real redwood stump. It literally weighs tons, and we weren’t sure if it was going to fit through the door. Obviously, we got it in, but it wasn’t easy. I guess KiDiMu has provided ALL of the Hendersons with opportunities to learn something new.

Big thanks to Jessica, Craden, Sky, Piper and Tallis for sharing their story and smiles, and also for Craden’s volunteer support, including the recent installation of the wall of light!

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