Member Moment: The Stevenson Family

KiDiMu is grateful for all the wonderful Members who help keep it strong!
Today, hear from a busy family of eight, who joined as KiDiMu Members a few months ago.

Courtnee and Mike Stevenson live in Poulsbo with their eight-year-old daughter Lili and four-year-old quintuplets: Aniston, Belle, Camille, Scarlett and Weston. And, as Courtnee mentioned, they are known in the area as “the Poulsbo Quints.”

All children are big fans of KiDiMu but so is the mom-on-the-go.
Here is what Courtnee told us during her recent visit to KiDiMu:

About her KiDiMu Experience
“It is relaxing for me. I am able to enjoy my children. Because of all the stations, they don’t fight for my attention. The best part is safety. Because I have so many small children, safety becomes an issue. It is tough to watch all five but here, I feel comfortable to let them roam.”

About Being a Member
“I love especially that, when the kids are bored, we can get in the car and the minute we pull up to KiDiMu, all my kids are smiling.”

Favorite KiDiMu Moment
“Watching all my kids play together without fighting. There is so much to do!”

Big thanks to Courtnee and the Poulsbo Quints for sharing their story and smiles.
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