KiDiViews: The Perfect Summer Finale

With a few beautiful indian summer days left, put your beach expertise to use…
Here, on the Kitsap Peninsula, what a better way to finally enjoy the warm weather and get a perfect (and relaxing) start to the school year, than by the calming waters of Puget Sound?

A Sailboat by "Family Fun"

Beach Ramble
Why not have a sandy Sunday at the beach exploring all that the ocean has to offer. Walk to the Waterfront Park near KiDiMu or check out the Bainbridge Island Metro Park and Recreation District’s Web site for other local parks and pick your favorite. Islanders usually recommend Fay Bainbridge when it goes for beach access.

Sand Castle Sensation
Bring your pale and shovel and create a castle built for a king. You can use found objects such as shells, sticks, and beach glass to decorate your palace. Use your imagination to create a story about your castle: who used to live there, what did they do?
Helpful hint: adding a little bit of ocean water will help sand stick together and maintain the shape of your fortress.

Seashell Central
The fun doesn’t have to stop when you leave the beach! Items found along the shore make for a great art project. Get inspired by Plastic is Forever or KiDiMu’s Sea Monster and create an original design with plastic beach debris. Don’t forget the shells either – try this sail boat craft for fun at home:

What you will need:
A shell: look for one with a clean, un-chipped surface
A twig: this will be the mast of your boat so pick one that isn’t too thick in comparison with your shell
A triangle piece of cloth: any scrap of cloth will do, this will be the sail

What to do:
To create your sail boat, you must first be sure that your shell is clean and dry. Once that’s done, assemble the sail. Cut a triangle of cloth and create small slits in the side using scissors. Put your twig through the slits to attach to the mast to the sail. You may have to trim the twig if it is too long. Use a small amount of clay to connect the mast to the shell.

KiDiMu Pirates Testing the Waters

Seaside style
Add some glitz and glamor to your nautical creation by decorating your sail before you attach it. You can use glitter glue, stickers, or fabric pens. Just make sure your decorations aren’t too heavy or your boat won’t float!

Set Sail, Rain or Shine!
Once you have created your sailboat, test it out on the open sea…or maybe just your bath tub.

Come to KiDiMu and enjoy an ocean-like experience away from the shore. Check out water play (you can test your sailboat) or take a ride on one of KiDiMu’s ferry boats.

Story by KiDiMu’s communications intern, Nina Clark.
Editing by KiDiMu Staff.